The terms and conditions apply to the creation of all reservations, bookings and offers at and from Flamboyant B&B.


☆ All prices mentioned are per night, per room, for 2 persons, including VAT, extensive breakfast buffet, other room commodities and daily cleaning.

☆ Although our goal is to mention correct information, we cannot be held responsible for possible errors.

☆ We reserve the right to correct and/or change the prices at all times.


☆ Reservations are possible through our website, by e-mail, by phone, by post or orally.

☆ You can also make reservations through one of the Online Travel Agencies on which we advertise. Take into account that for those reservations other, inherent terms and conditions apply than the ones mentioned here.

☆ After having received your request for reservation, and in case of availability, we send a confirmation mail containing the necessary information for your stay. This confirms the reservation.

☆ In order to prevent misunderstandings, it is up to you to immediately check the accuracy and completeness of the information after receiving the reservation and to inform us within 24 hours of any missing or incorrect information.


☆ Within 2 calendar days (48hrs) after sending the confirmation mail, you will pay an advance of 50% of the entire reservation amount. We will provide you with the necessary payment information.

☆ The balance must be paid 4 weeks before the beginning of your stay at the latest. In case of late payment and/or when we have to send a reminder, we charge € 10,- administration costs.

☆ In case of a reservation made less than 4 weeks prior to arrival, the entire reservation amount has to be paid at the moment of your booking.

☆ Also for reservations of 3 nights or less, the entire reservation amount has to be paid at the moment of your booking.


☆ Flamboyant is a small, family B&B with only a limited number of rooms. Cancellations have a huge impact, especially when we have had to refuse potential guests for someone who had already booked and then cancels.

☆ Cancellations are not free of charge. It is advisable to take out proper travel and cancellation insurance.

☆ Cancellation after payment of the deposit:

☆ Cancellation up to four weeks before arrival date, 50% of the amount paid will be refunded.

☆ Cancellation after payment of the total reservation cost:

☆ Cancellation up to two weeks before arrival, 50% of the amount paid will be refunded.

☆ Cancellation less than two weeks before arrival, a reimbursement is no longer possible.

☆ When we, for any reason, are obligated to cancel a booking, we will contact you immediately. All payments will be completely reimbursed, without any obligation for us to pay an indemnity.


☆ A request to rebook is possible up to 2 weeks before arrival and is subject to an administration fee of €75.

☆ If the new reservation is in a higher price category than the original one, you will have to pay the difference.

☆ If the new reservation is less expensive than the original one because of its length or period, the difference will not be refunded.

☆ This newly created reservation automatically becomes non-refundable and is therefore not eligible for any a refund in case of cancellation


☆ You can change your chosen room type(suite or windmill) upon availability and under these conditions:

☆ Up to 4 weeks before arrival: free of charge

☆ Up to two weeks before arrival: € 75 administration fee will be charged.

☆ Less than two weeks before arrival or on the day of arrival but before room occupancy: one nightly rate will be charged.

☆ You can no longer change room type during your stay.


☆ When you have not yet arrived at the end of the check-in period (8.00pm) and have not informed us or arranged a late check-in, we consider this a 'No Show' and implies the cancellation of your booking. (cf. cancellation of a reservation).


☆ You can check in between 4.00pm and 8.00pm.

☆ Late check-in is possible after prior arrangement an at a cost of € 25. You can no longer check-in after midnight.

☆ One day before your arrival at the latest, you will inform us of your arrival time and/or flight number. In case of any problems on the way, you will contact us by phone, e-mail or WhatsApp in order to avoid your reservation being considered as a no show.

☆ You cannot drop you luggage off before check-in time (4.00pm).

☆ At the check-in a legitimate identification with picture such as a driving licence, identity card or passport is required on behalf of the Portuguese immigration services.

☆ Checkout: the morning of your departure we ask you to leave your room before 11.00am at the latest.

☆ We can safeguard your luggage and you can use the garden and the swimming pool till 1.00pm.

☆ If you decide to check out before the date provided in the agreement, there will be no reimbursement for the remaining nights. Nor will these nights be reserved for you.


☆ Flamboyant B&B has mandatory liability insurance.

☆ We cannot be held responsible for accidents or any forms of damage to or loss of property during your stay. Unless this is the result of gross negligence of Flamboyant B&B.

☆ Nor are we responsible for intrusions in and around the B&B such as malfunctions or loss of electricity, Wi-Fi, water supply, technical installations, construction and/or road works in the area that haven’t been announced or have been announced untimely.


☆ You are responsible for any damages to Flamboyant B&B, the furnishing or the terrain that result from your doing.

☆ All damages have to be reported to us immediately.

☆ Depending on the situation, the item and the degree of damage we ask for either a voluntary contribution or a complete/partial reimbursement.


☆ You will be informed of Flamboyant Boutique B&B's house rules regularly and on a timely basis.

☆ We expect our guests to honour these rules during the entire time of their stay.

☆ Flamboyant Boutique B&B is entitled to end the agreement for the stay at any time without term of notice if the guest does not honour the house rules repeatedly, or when the guest behaves in a manner that he may disturb or disturbs the order and the peace of the other guests. Guests that are refused or sent away for this reason are not entitled to a reimbursement of their payment.


☆ At any time, the guest is entitled to share his complaints with us. We will handle every complaint adequately and urgently, within the boundaries of reasonability and fairness.

☆ Flamboyant B&B also has the compulsory Complaints Book (Livro de Reclamações) of the Portuguese economical inspection service (A.S.A.E.) in paper and digital format.


☆ We reserve the right to modify these terms and conditions at any time.

☆ If a condition in this agreement is declared non enforceable by a competent court, all other conditions still apply.

☆ This agreement follows Portuguese law. All differences will be disputed in the court of the territorial jurisdiction where Flamboyant B&B is located.

Serra do Bouro, Portugal, January 2024.